Video and online mobile advertising services

Central processing algorithm services for industry applications

 Based on the central processing algorithm services, the company has been increasing its R&D investment in cloud computing, big data, AI algorithm, artificial intelligence, 5G, industry applications, etc. Digital technology innovation runs through multiple levels from digital infrastructure, digital platform solutions to digital application solutions, forming not only a rich product line, but also launching many domestic technology-leading cloud computing and 5G convergence solutions, leading the market application with continuous innovation.

 In the face of 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new generation of information technology continues to promote the digitalization of enterprises, network, intelligent upgrade, the company closely grasp the artificial intelligence technology and cloud computing change industry development trend. At present, the company's main business involves industries: entertainment games and multimedia entertainment, video and online mobile advertising services, involving two major application scenarios of digital applications: entertainment games, advertising media services.

Video and online mobile advertising services central processing algorithm services

The video advertising market is about to see the largest scale of realization. 2015-2020, we have witnessed the explosive growth of online video, and because of this, the focus of the advertising market has also shifted significantly, driving us completely into the video advertising era. Thus, as one of the important ways of commercialization, as far as video advertising is concerned, video ad placement brought by AI scenarios created by the company is developing and rising at a high speed.

Based on the current commercial situation of advertising, the technological innovation brought by the company's central processing algorithm service can largely provide solutions to the problem of how to improve the ROI of advertising that advertisers are most concerned about. That's why the whole trend of video advertising is shifting to a new stage.

Processing flow of central processing algorithm service in cloud video advertising

Thus, for the company's 5G Internet video AI implantation advertising central processing algorithm service video scenes, its core point is to focus on the needs of advertisers, based on deep learning and artificial intelligence, through the structure of the massive video content to provide advertisers with a strong emotional connection to the video unit, to solve the core requirements of intelligent commercial realization of online video, that is, through the virtual life scenes presented by the video to stimulate the desire to consume, and then build a business opportunity.

As an environment that sustains virtual physical space and human psychological behavior, the video scene is overflowing with huge commercial value on top of the company's 5G Internet's video AI implant advertising central processing algorithm service technology empowerment.

The company provides value to its clients.

 We provide more efficient services: powerful real-time transcoding and global distribution capabilities, integration of leading artificial intelligence technology, and one-stop intelligent cloud services with stable and smooth, low latency and high concurrency support.

We provide more accurate management: We provide massive video content storage and intelligent data management. This includes one-stop management capabilities such as matching accurate users to industry customers, personalized recommendations, and commercial realizations, etc. The high-quality engineering architecture ensures low latency and high scalability of the system.

Efficient and convenient traffic realization: support resource management, scheduling management, direct advertising, complex strategy settings, etc., can effectively improve the efficiency of traffic realization while taking into account the user experience and maximize the value of traffic.

       Support multi-layer A/B Test: Provide multi-layer experimental framework to facilitate A/B test experiments to make changes to functions and strategies with data for reference and to achieve merit-based adoption.